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Fox Run: A Perfect Fit for Mother and Daughter

January 15, 2019

Before moving to Fox Run nearly 15 years ago, Nancy Ryan lived in a house in Gaylord, Michigan. After her husband passed away, her family encouraged her to consider a maintenance-free retirement community like Fox Run.

"The children and I decided I should not stay in a big house by myself because I couldn't take care of it," Nancy says. "In the end, it was a good decision."

Nancy admits that moving to a new place took some getting used to. But now she says Fox Run definitely feels like home, particularly because of the people who live and work there.

"I've had different neighbors and they've all been just wonderful, they are so friendly. In my building, people sort of check up on you if they don't see you for a couple of days," Nancy says. "I can't say enough about the staff—everyone goes out of their way and they all seem to know your name, it's a nice feeling."

While all of the staff may know Nancy's name, to one employee, she will always be "mom": Nancy's daughter, Peggy Mather, works at Fox Run as the Community Resources Manager. Mather's job is to help residents get acclimated to community living and to help coordinate the dozens of club meetings, activities and special events that take place at Fox Run every month.

Mather joined the Fox Run team in 2006, after her mother had been living at the community for a couple of years. Visiting her mom gave her the opportunity to see Fox Run in action, and she was drawn to the warm and friendly culture she observed.

"It's very much like Disney, who was my previous employer," Peggy says. "When I would come visit my mom, I could feel the genuine customer service and friendliness."

Since Mather works at the same place where her mom lives, the two get to see each other often. They sometimes meet for lunch on campus, and frequently get together for dinner with other family members.

"I go over to [the] Belmont [clubhouse] quite often, and whenever I do, I check to see if Peggy is in her office," Nancy says.

For Nancy, life at Fox Run is convenient and worry-free. Residents don't have to deal with home repairs and maintenance because everything from shoveling snow to changing lightbulbs is handled by the professional staff. Plus, on-site amenities like a fitness center, convenience store, bank and medical center save residents the hassle of having to get in the car to run errands. For Nancy, that means more time to do things she truly enjoys. She plays cards with her neighbors three times a week and typically eats dinner with friends in the on-site restaurants. She also enjoys attending live events in Fox Run's performing arts center.

"I see daily the interactions of the residents and know my mom is active and engaged with so many more people than I would have ever expected her to be," Mather says. "She enjoys the programs and activities, and she actually has stepped out of her comfort zone by leading a couple of groups."

Mather may be Fox Run's Community Resources Manager, but she is also a daughter who wants the best for her mom. She says she has peace of mind because her mother lives at Fox Run.

"I go home at night as a daughter knowing that my mom is safe and if she needs help, she has security response 24/7," Mather says. "She has needed to call them during the night over the last 14 years and it was proof that it is an excellent choice for her to be here and not at her previous house living alone."

About Fox Run: Fox Run, one of 19 continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living®, is situated on a scenic 108-acre campus in Novi, Michigan. The community is located in Oakland County and is home to nearly 1,300 residents who are supported by a team of more than 750 employees. Additional information about Fox Run can be found at