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Fox Run Executive Director Mike McCormick Publishes "Man Quest: Leading Teenage Boys Into Manhood"

May 4, 2012

Fox Run Executive Director Mike McCormick Publishes  "Man Quest: Leading Teenage Boys Into Manhood"
NASHVILLE, TN. (May 14, 2012) - Elk Lake Publishing has announced the release of Novi Fox Run Executive Director Mike McCormick'sMan Quest: Leading Teenage Boys Into Manhood, a step-by-step approach for fathers and male mentors guiding boys as they transform into men of courage, honor and integrity. The book is being distributed exclusively to the CBA market through New Day Christian Distributors.
In Man Quest, McCormick has captured six essential guideposts designed to bring fathers and sons together on a life-changing spiritual quest. Dads (or mentors) work through interactive questions, movie nights, and creative activities with boys. Man Quest concludes with a chapter titled "Rugged Truths Every Man Must Know," a dose of tough love that pulls no punches. The workbook-style publication offers hands-on help, teaching tips, and complete agendas for celebration weekends to make the journey to manhood fulfilling and fun.
"Just about every culture on the planet actively teaches their teenage boys what it means to be a man, with Western society being the most notable exception," McCormick says. "Most men have an innate hunger to teach boys the true essence of manhood but just don't know where to start or what to say. Man Quest provides a perfect starting point for an adult man to engage a son (or mentee) in the most pivotal discussion of his life - what it truly means to be a man.
The idea for Man Quest stemmed from an incident that occurred one afternoon when McCormick's 12-year old son came home and asked if he could see a new movie his friends recommended. The film, titled The Hangover, was a popular R-rated movie about a group of four buddies who go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party and a weekend of boozing, gambling, strippers and drugs. McCormick realized that regardless of his efforts to teach his son what it means to be a man, the culture was having a strong influence as well.
When the author sat down to write a clear and compelling definition of what it means to be a man, he found he didn't really have one himself. After some reading and research, McCormick came up with the six guideposts toward manhood to share with his son: accept responsibility, lead courageously, pretend about nothing, journey with God, protect your heart, and engage in deep and meaningful relationships. He searched for a resource book that would help dads communicate the essence of manhood to their teenage sons and couldn't find one, which inspired him to create a workbook to help fathers articulate what it truly means to be a man. After McCormick shared his workbook during a "Man Quest" journey with 12 father/son pairs, including himself and his own son, he felt compelled to share it with others.
"Dads can't afford to be complacent in our society. If you're not actively talking to your teenage son about what it truly means to be a man, then his concept of masculinity is being warped by the cultural definition of money, sex and power," McCormick says. "Your window of influence with your son is smaller than you think and his masculine mindset is being adversely shaped right now. It's not the responsibility of your church, school or youth group to teach your son the essence of manhood - it's the father's role to pass it on. Heck, if you don't have a teenage son yourself, there are plenty of young boys out there without a father who need a mentor to show them the way. Our boys are dying for a real and true definition of what it really means to be a man!"
The guiding Scripture for Man Quest, McCormick says, is 1 Corinthians 13:11-12: "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me."
"Elk Lake Publishing, dedicated to 'publishing the positive,' is excited to release the book Man Quest: Leading Teenage Boys Into Manhood, authored by Mike McCormick," says Karl Nilsson, managing editor of Elk Lake. "Diverse cultures throughout the world have specific rituals and ceremonies designed for young boys to grow into men. In the media-dominated U.S., we too often leave it up to the internet or television to teach our boys the way to manhood. Man Quest changes all that in a positive, inspirational book that will benefit fathers and sons for generations to come."
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About Mike McCormick:
McCormick is the Executive Director of Fox Run retirement community in Novi, MI. When he's not busy serving more than 1,000 Fox Run residents  and leading 700 employees each day, he's a passionate community leader. McCormick is a former Division I college basketball player and runs a program teaching basketball to more than 300 area kids each weekend. He also is a church planter, men's' ministry champion and youth group leader. McCormick is married with two sons and a daughter. Man Quest emerged when McCormick was struggling to figure out how to teach his teenage son the true essence of manhood. This book is a love letter to his two sons, Xavier 14, and Chase, 11.