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Ecosystems are Focus of Fox Run Resident-Staff Publishing Venture

March 8, 2016

NOVI, MI (March 7, 2016) – Nature's wonder found at the 108-acre Fox Run retirement community is celebrated and examined in Fox Run Ecos, an annual journal produced by residents and employees that helps people better understand the community's ecosystems and their nurturing impact on the greater Novi metropolitan area.


"We want to stimulate interest and learning about life in the fascinating nature worlds that exist within Fox Run," said resident Doreen Poupard, a former Novi City Councilwoman who is a member of the publication's Editorial Board. "and we want to do it in a way that is easy to comprehend."


The content in Fox Run Ecos -- which is supported by four-color photography -- covers a wide spectrum of nature-focused subject matter.  For example, a story explains how plant resilience is achieved by injecting insecticide and fertilizer directly into Fox Run-planted trees and by sealing chemicals inside and quickly distributing throughout the tree trunk, branches and leaves.


Another story talks about the manner in which selecting and nourishing diverse plants attract a variety of butterflies and hummingbirds.


Yet another story tells how water flow through Fox Run's campus nourishes social-ecological life systems in the neighboring Walled Lake and the Rouge River watershed.


"Our campus has a wonderful presence in that supports the entire city of Novi ecosystem," said Poupard. "We want to tell everyone about it."


Hundreds of copies of Fox Run Ecos are distributed to civic, business and nonprofit organizations, as well as to City of Novi, Oakland County, State of Michigan, and U.S. Elected Government officials.


Recipient organizations often comment favorably about the publication, especially when it explains the interaction of Fox Run's ecosystems with neighboring Berry Lake Nature Preserve, Long Nature Park, Lakeshore Park, and Pavilion Shores Park.


Joining Poupard on the Fox Run Ecos Editorial Board are Joslen Letscher, Brian Taylor, Leonard Gringlas, and Don Boufford. Joslen Letscher is the primary author and photographer. The publication is now in its fifth year.