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Fall is a good time for retirees to travel

September 17, 2012

Traveling is a popular activity for many seniors who now have the time, and the resources, to take the vacations they couldn't during their working days. Though the summer may seem like the perfect time to take a trip, the fall months may actually be a better option, according to U.S. News and World Report.

An autumn vacation offers traveling seniors many advantages. For starters, depending on where they go they will most likely be met with fewer crowds. With the kids back in schools, large families won't be crowding beaches in California and Florida, and there will certainly be shorter waits at popular tourist destinations and restaurants.

Vacation expenses can be a significant retirement cost of living, but traveling during the fall months can make the bills a little smaller, experts say. Because the autumn is the off-season for many tourist hotspots, the chances of significant discounts on hotel stays or rental car rates are very high.

Perhaps most of all, the fall presents some unique opportunities that other seasons don't. For instance, thanks to the beautiful foliage few areas of the country are quite like New England in the fall and New York City often is at its best once the oppressive summer heat has dissipated.

While New England may one of the most popular autumnal destinations, there are a number of other spots across the country that are especially attractive during the fall months. According to National Geographic, Columbus, Ohio, is a great spot despite the fact it may not seem like a vacation hub. Specifically, the Ohio capital becomes a city full of farmers markets, corn mazes and festivals once the seasons change.