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Exercise is just one part of an active lifestyle for seniors

October 15, 2012

Many seniors make a point to stay physically active as they get older, and for most of them, the benefits extend beyond maintaining a healthy weight. A number of older adults include exercise as part of an active lifestyle, along with thriving social lives and a youthful outlook, according to Deseret News.

Among those is Jeannie Barnish, 65, who, despite managing several chronic conditions, is still able to enjoy the many aspects of a healthy lifestyle for seniors. This Utah resident exercises every day, but also pays close attention to her other hobbies, including gardening, camping and traveling. Though recognizing her body has limitations, she hasn't let that stop her enjoying an active retirement.

"I'm not afraid of growing older," she told the newspaper. "I have no complaints about life. But I have to work hard to be that way. I just think it is better to be happy than to complain all the time."

Barnish's attitude highlights the changing perceptions of aging, something that has been reflected in what older adults are looking for in their retirement destinations. Specifically, rather than moving only to warm weather spots, seniors are taking more things into consideration.

"Yes, the Sun Belt remains popular, but many people prefer a four-season climate and enjoy the changing of seasons," Mary Lu Abbott, editor of Where to Retire magazine, told The Associated Press.

In fact, a number of older adults have been heading to some uncommon destinations for retirement because they're looking for diverse ways to stay active, whether it's through local volunteer organizations or recreational opportunities, the AP reports. Retirement communities in states like Michigan and North Carolina have become especially popular.