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Preserving Memories When You Move

Rachel Gilbert
July 24, 2019

What might be holding you back from making a move? Is it the cherished family photos that are too overwhelming to sort, family furniture that you are unsure about taking on a move, or all of the beautiful mementos that have been collected over the years?

It is my privilege to help many folks preserve memories through their moves. Supporting future residents through this transition and understanding what is important and cherished is an absolute priority. Memories can be preserved, and there are many options to conserve what you value. 

How to preserve memories

Photo albums

When you think about what photos to keep, think of the last time you went through your photo albums. Do you have pictures that are blurry? Do you have photos of buildings you might not recognize or people you do not recall? Removing photos such as those will allow you to make space for the photos that you truly treasure and would like to save. 

Consider scanning your photographs as well. This can be a very effective space saver. Scanning photos can also allow for digital photo frames, which are a wonderful option to preserve cherished pictures. If you need any assistance making this happen, there are professional photograph organizers who can assist with scanning, sorting, and organizing photos as needed. Costco is also a great resource for converting slides to DVDs and digitizing photographs.

The four Cs 

What about china, crystal, collections, and clothing? Think about the last time you used these items. Are you truly enjoying and admiring a collection you have, using your china regularly, or wearing most of the clothes in your closet? If you're not using your china or crystal for entertaining and would like to preserve it, consider using it for your everyday dishware. If you're holding onto it solely for the memory of an individual, think about how they would feel if you were fretting over keeping it. They would most certainly want your downsizing experience to be a pleasant one. 

When it comes to collections, consider downsizing them by giving a few items to family and friends. They are much more likely to accept one or two items versus an entire collection. For clothing, consider putting off-season clothing under the bed or in storage bags. Also, get an understanding of what your new closet space will be like when you move. Make the most of closet space by putting hooks on the backs of doors and using double-hanging rods. 

Make new cherished memories at an Erickson Senior Living community

You can preserve memories and cherished items successfully while you downsize and move. And personal moving consultants will help make that happen for you. Erickson Senior Living-managed communities can connect you with a personal moving consultant and preferred realty and moving experts to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible!