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New Year, New Home: Make the Resolution to Downsize

Make the resolution to downsize

Jennifer Hill and Diane Thometz
December 16, 2019

The New Year's Eve ball has dropped, the holiday craziness is winding down, and you finally have some time to think about what you want to accomplish in the year ahead. It's common for people to make New Year's resolutions toward health and wellness, but why not make this year about turning your home into a clean and happy environment?

Tips for keeping your New Year's resolution

For those of you who decide to set this resolution but don't know where to start, downsizing is the perfect first step. We know that no one likes the idea of going through years, or even decades, of belongings and somehow choosing what stays and what goes, but once you've done it, you'll be so happy that you did. And lucky for you, we have a few tips and ideas to make it more bearable during the New Year.

Stack your day with downsizing tasks

We would start by using the "stacking your day" method. This means you incorporate a simple downsizing task into your daily routine. For example, you might get up in the morning, have coffee, read the paper, and then go for a walk. 

After your walk, take 15 minutes or so to do some downsizing. Maybe you work on a junk drawer in your kitchen, your coat closet, or the Tupperware drawer. These 15 minutes will soon become part of your daily routine and you won't think of it as a daunting task, thus removing those feelings of anxiety that bubble up after downsizing in large chunks.

Use Erickson Senior Living moving services

Downsizing is a big undertaking, so we recommend you don't go at it alone. Asking your loved ones for assistance can help you feel supported and motivated to get the job done. Plus, our dedicated team at Erickson Senior Living is here to help as well.

We encourage you to make use of the Erickson Realty and Moving Services program, which is designed to save you time and stress on your move to an Erickson Senior Living-managed community. We will help you to…

Sell your house faster

We'll give you the competitive edge you need in today's market, including a free market analysis by local experts, home staging, coordination of appraisals and repairs, and more.

Move without worries

We offer assistance with your moving arrangements, including a timeline and detailed plan for packing and moving, referral of skilled packers and movers, and supervision of your move from packing to cleanup. 

Manage your independent living community details

Personal moving consultants like us can help with the administrative and financial details of moving to an Erickson Senior Living-managed community, such as reservation and settlement planning assistance and advice on payment options.

We're here to make your move as worry-free as possible. We'll come right to your house to assess your specific needs and customize a plan exclusively for you. It's our job to help you feel renewed and refreshed during the process, and that starts by owning less.

Take the next step toward discovering all the benefits of an Erickson Senior Living-managed community. Find a community now and request more information today!