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The Erickson Senior Living Tribune is your source for original content and reporting on the topics you care about, including independent senior living, health and well-being, and planning a move to a CCRC.

Don't Scramble Your
Nest Egg

As you get closer to retirement, keeping your nest egg intact should be your financial priority. Eric Jaffe, chief executive officer and co-founder of MOSAIC Wealth Partners, shared some advice on how to avoid “retirement budget busters.”

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The Impact of Spirituality on Your Well-Being

Recent research findings highlight the importance of discussing spirituality in the context of well-being, as spiritual practices can better stress management skills, increase resourcefulness, and provide an optimistic outlook on life.

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Turning Paper Mountains into Mere Molehills

Of all the “stuff” we accumulate over the years, paper is the champ. Downsizing can be intimidating, but if you follow some basic rules about what paperwork to keep, your dining room table will soon serve its intended purpose.

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