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The Erickson Senior Living Tribune is your source for original content and reporting on the topics you care about, including independent senior living, health and well-being, and planning a move to a CCRC.

Safe Storage and Good Communication Keep Legal Documents in Order

Keeping your legal documents in order starts by telling someone you trust what documents you have and where to find them -- preferably in a protective sleeve or vinyl pouch.

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Does Your House Still Work for Your Lifestyle?

Many retirees find that, over time, their house no longer suits their needs. While a large, single-family home might've been perfect for raising children, it may not fit your current lifestyle.

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It's Never Too Early to Have a Plan for Your Senior Living Future

The people who have the easiest time facing their move are the ones who made a plan in advance. There are so many reasons to start early, but the primary benefit is time.

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With a circulation of more than 800,000, the Tribune reaches readers in over a dozen states and offers a unique blend of senior-focused articles on lifestyle, finance, real estate, senior living communities, and more. All editorial content is original and crafted specifically for our readers.

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