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Elderly voters turn out to cast ballots

November 12, 2012

There were undoubtedly a number of first-time voters when the country headed to the polls on November 6, and one of them was old enough to remember a time when she would not have even been allowed to vote. Gladys Miller, a 106-year-old South Carolina woman, cast a ballot for the first time, according to local CBS affiliate WSPA.

Miller's dedication to head to the polls was impressive. She does not get around very easily, though she does live at home with her niece. Yet those closest to the centenarian said it was important for her to vote in person rather than through absentee ballot.

"She can hardly walk but she can push herself here," Glenda Ponder, a younger friend of Miller's, told the news source. "It makes me feel good."

This election season has been filled with many older adults who have made voting an integral part of senior living. In fact, another 106-year-old woman in Boston, Elizabeth Hinton, voted on Tuesday. She's almost the exact opposite of Miller, however - she's been voting since she was 21, according to the Boston Globe.