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The Retirement You Deserve Is Within Your Reach

If you worry that the value of your house won't allow you to enjoy a vibrant senior lifestyle like thiswe have some exciting news! Announcing our NEW flexible entrance deposit!

When you act now, you can opt to pay a lower entrance deposit and a slightly higher Monthly Service Package, so you can enjoy life at Eagle's Trace despite the value of your house.

Schedule Your Visit

Call 281-496-7676 to schedule your visit to learn more and review eligible apartment homes while they last.


Here's How the NEW Flexible Deposit Works:

You can choose to reduce your 90% Refundable Entrance Deposit cost by up to half off on select apartment homes.* Don't worry! Your entrance deposit is still 90% refundable.

Your Monthly Service Package will increase just $50 per every $10,000 that your entrance deposit is reduced-a cost easily covered by a stable retirement income.

*As per the Residence and Care Agreement. Eagle's Trace, Inc., a nonprofit organization, is solely responsible for fulfilling financial responsibilities to residents under the contract. Flexible Deposit Option is available on select, eligible homes.