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Progressive Dinner at Eagle’s Trace Showcases Social Connections, Culinary Excellence

August 4, 2017

Houston, Texas—Residents and guests of Eagle's Trace can attest to the saying that "shared dining fortifies us" following a unique event held at the Erickson Living retirement community on July 28.

Four residents opened their apartments as gracious hosts to six Priority List Members and two guests for a progressive dining experience.  Each home served as a private venue to one course of a special four-course feast prepared by Executive Chef Donald Mutin, Sr. and the culinary professionals of Eagle's Trace.  Guests spent about 45 minutes at each location before moving to the next apartment.

"The progressive dinner provided so many wonderful opportunities," noted Kimberly Thies, Senior Sales Associate.  "We have many floor plans from which to choose, and our guests saw the design possibilities detailed with the décor and style created by residents who live in them."

"They also enjoyed an incredible dinner worthy of a 5-star restaurant.  Everything was beautifully plated, and the fillet with caramelized shallots & bacon butter and the seared salmon medallions were popular choices.  The meal was made complete with a rustic raspberry frangipane tart for dessert," noted Kimberly.  

"But the best part, as it is every day at our community, was the socialization," said Kimberly.  "Our guests asked questions regarding everything from the variety of daily activities to the health & wellness program.  Residents shared details about their lives at Eagle's Trace in a relaxed setting filled with friendly and informative conversation."  

The progressive dining event was another creative way in which future residents who join the Priority List can "Live the Life", experiencing different aspects of the community before moving.  More information about the benefits of joining the Priority List can be learned by calling 281-496-7676.

"Overall a wonderful time was had by all.  Special thanks to our residents for being such generous hosts and our culinary professionals for sharing their talent and creativity.  The feedback from the evening has been encouraging.  Our guests have scheduled private tours of the entire community and learned more about our realty & moving services program," said Melissa Routh, Senior Sales Associate.

About Eagle's Trace:  Eagle's Trace is one of nineteen continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living.  Located in Houston, Texas, the scenic 70-acre campus is home to more than 775 residents.  Eagle's Trace is the ideal greater Houston retirement destination offering a true sense of community, convenience beyond compare and a sensible financial structure. 

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