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Eagle’s Trace Awards Scholarships to Class of 2018

June 28, 2018

Houston, Texas—Graduation season commemorates the achievements of thousands of high school and college students in the Houston area.  

On June 10, residents of Eagle's Trace celebrated not only the success of eight students employed at the Erickson Living retirement community but also the special bonds created between generations.

These local students, members of the Dining Services Department of Eagle's Trace, earned four-year collegiate scholarships.  The value of these awards is $1,000 per semester during their freshman and sophomore years and $1,500 per semester during their junior and senior years for a total of $10,000 per student.

During the ceremony, it was announced that $72,000 was raised during the Student Scholarship Fund drive, mainly through contributions from residents of Eagle's Trace.  Former student scholar Melida Velasquez addressed this year's class during a keynote speech.

Janet Marvin served as the chair of the Scholarship Committee.  The retired nurse is one of the residents serving on the group who not only lead fundraising activities but also become mentors to the recipients.

"Our campaign was very successful because of the generosity of our residents," stated Ms. Marvin, who has lived at Eagle's Trace for nine years.  "Many residents received scholarships for their academic endeavors, and this becomes an opportunity to pay it forward to a new generation."

"More importantly, it was terrific to watch these students mature from their first day.  They are a special group of young men and women who have big plans for college and beyond," described Ms. Marvin.  "They bring us joy with their smiles and enthusiasm.  We are very proud of their accomplishments."

Eagle's Trace employs area high school and college students in its three dining venues on the wait staff and host teams.  To qualify for a scholarship, a student must work 1,000 hours during a two-year period and maintain good academic and professional standing.