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Creating Dream Homes at Eagle’s Trace

March 20, 2017

Houston, Texas—For residents of Eagle's Trace, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating their new dream homes.

Just ask Tisa Stivers, the Interior Designer at the Erickson Living retirement community located in West Houston.  Ms. Stivers leads the Custom Interiors Department, presenting current and future residents with an array of stylish options and amenities to enhance their respective floor plans.

"We literally re-create the preferences of a customer to turn their new apartment into a dream home at Eagle's Trace," said Ms. Stivers.  "Then, the professionals in our General Services Department use their expertise to make these dreams a reality."

The process involves spending time with customers and listening to their wish lists.

"After a future resident reserves an apartment home, I schedule an appointment in our showroom conveniently located at Eagle's Trace to review the finishes and upgrades they have selected," described Ms. Stivers.  "Traditionally, these have included beautiful crown molding, built-in shelving and hardwood flooring."

"But that list has grown as preferences evolve.  Additional lighting on ceiling fans, granite counter tops in bathrooms and custom closets that maximize space and convenience are popular trends.  The open floor plans, particularly prevalent in our new independent living building that opened in November, allow for greater possibilities," noted Ms. Stivers.

Pamela Burgeson, the Director of Sales & Marketing, agrees that being able to take advantage of custom interior options is a major selling point for Eagle's Trace.

"Throughout our campus, we offer dozens of unique floor plans featuring one-and two-bedrooms and beyond," stated Ms. Burgeson.  "But those choices actually grow exponentially when you consider that our customers can select anything from granite countertops to designer wall coverings and paint to enhance their new home."

Ms. Burgeson noted that "our customers are thrilled about the convenience of working with our custom interior experts who are located right here at Eagle's Trace.  It means one-stop shopping that reduces down time."

Ms. Stivers provided an example of that teamwork and coordination.  

"I review the floor plan selected by a future resident with our personal moving consultant.  We're able to tell which furniture is being moved into the new apartment.  That information allows us to ask if they would like additional electrical outlets or television wall mounting, for instance.  We strive to address the seemingly little details to help make the transition seamless for our new residents," said Ms. Stivers.

"Simply, I love working with a resident to help make his or her home more comfortable and beautiful," said Ms. Stivers.  

Now is the time to take advantage of custom upgrade packages currently available to new residents.  To learn more about these incentives or schedule a personal tour, please call 281-617-1926.  Virtual tours and custom interior options are available by visiting

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