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Dodging common travel scams this summer

May 30, 2014

Enjoying a little time off and traveling across the U.S. can provide a much needed break for older adults. Visiting popular cities, remote beaches or exciting attractions is a lot of fun for those in senior living, but there are several scams to keep your eyes peeled for.

Seniors are frequently the target for many of these thieving tricks, so to arm themselves against scams, they must first become knowledgeable about the types of tricks out there.

  • The¬†credit call: People staying in hotels may receive a phone call - generally late at night - informing them that their payment for the room has been declined. The operator then explains that they must give their credit card information over the phone so the clerk can reenter the number in the system. Seniors must remember to never divulge banking information over the telephone - especially if the caller has not been verified. If you receive this phone call, insist on meeting in person and offer to go to the front desk to properly reveal your payment info.
  • Looking into that luxury vacation: Frequently, agencies will email seniors with deluxe travel packages, including free stays at five-star hotels, first class airfare and exclusive perks. However, the Federal Trade Commission warns that these ploys frequently have hidden fees throughout the journey that may accumulate over the course of the vacation and end up costing more money that what seniors may have saved. Older adults should be sure to check all details concerning these packages, enlisting the assistance of a verified travel agent if necessary.