The hottest lunch ticket in town

Devonshire’s luncheons are often the turning point for people considering a move

Kelly A. Shue
June 25, 2019

Each month, dozens of people eager to learn more about Devonshire, reserve a spot at the community's popular luncheon events. These no-pressure visits provide an opportunity to tour the Erickson Living community at PGA National, meet community members, and enjoy a delicious chef-prepared meal.

"Our luncheons are designed to give guests the unique opportunity to see what living at our wonderful community is like," says Director of Sales Kathy McCrossin. "There is never any pressure, just a great excuse to enjoy a fun, informative, and delicious afternoon." 

Starting off right

Arriving at the beautiful clubhouse, guests are personally welcomed by a member of the Devonshire staff. Staff members then lead small groups on a comprehensive tour of the clubhouse. Each tour group is kept intentionally small to encourage questions and enable participants to get to know their fellow attendees. 

"In addition to being informative, the tours are a lot of fun," says Sales Counselor Maria Littleworth. "I make sure to include not just important information but fun tidbits about life at Devonshire. We start by exploring our cozy library; the Churchill Lounge, home of our popular happy hours and monthly jazz performances; the cinema; and our five restaurants. And I make a point to remind my guests that questions are always welcome."

Following the tour of the clubhouse, guests enjoy a sit-down luncheon prepared and presented by Devonshire's talented dining services team. Following the appetizer and main entrée, which at a recent luncheon included lobster bisque and a choice between duck confit with port wine sauce or grilled swordfish with pineapple relish, McCrossin shares her personal experience with Erickson Living.

"Thirteen years ago, my father and I were attending luncheons and going on tours at various communities," she says. "He chose Maris Grove, an Erickson Living community outside Philadelphia. It was amazing the difference the move made in my father's life. In fact, I was so impressed that I began working at the community to help others make the same positive change in their lives."    

Closer look

Following McCrossin's presentation, individual Devonshire neighbors share their experience moving to the community, and guests are invited to tour various apartment homes. Nancy DeSantis, who moved to Devonshire last year, often shares her personal story at these events.

"I began thinking about a move to Devonshire for well over a year," she says. "I decided to take the next step and attend a luncheon along with my friend Shirley Alley. That luncheon was a turning point for both of us. We met with Maria [Littleworth], who was charming and gracious and answered all our questions. We immediately joined the priority list and scheduled a time to come back and explore our options. It was during that second visit that we secured two homes at Devonshire. I'm so thankful I decided to attend the luncheon. Life at Devonshire is wonderful; we are both very happy."