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Devonshire at PGA National and Chatsworth Set Hurricane Preparedness Standard

October 4, 2017

Community Members and Staff Unite in Spirit of Service and Teamwork  in Response to Hurricane Irma

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (October 4, 2017) – Community members and staff at Devonshire at PGA National and Chatsworth, Devonshire's continuing care neighborhood, showed their resilience and resolve to help one another when Hurricane Irma brought its fury to Florida. With a spirit of tireless service, comradeship and little fanfare, those who live and work at both locations took every action needed to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on campus. 

Devonshire at PGA National and Chatsworth leadership, along with their corporate partners, Erickson Living Management, immediately put their storm preparedness plan in place during the weeks leading up to the hurricane. This precautionary action guaranteed that the communities would have adequate staff resources and supplies. In addition, the well-planned readiness strategies afforded staff and family members the opportunity to stay on campus overnight as long as needed. This method of supporting employees was vital to helping those who anticipated potential storm damage to their homes and difficulties travelling to work.

"The staff at Devonshire and Chatsworth were well prepared for the storm and worked very hard to keep us safe and secure," said community member Bob Frasier. "The onsite storm preparations were just outstanding and everyone on campus appreciated the fact that they could not have been in a better place…we are truly grateful for the premier level of service and effective measures undertaken in this difficult situation." 

A significant factor contributing to the communities' successful management and operations throughout the duration of the storm was their transparent and routine communications. Ongoing communication updates regarding community operations were conducted via town hall meetings, cubbie stuffer notices and bulletin board postings. In addition, internal (e.g., staff and residents) and external stakeholders (residents' family members) were kept informed via the communities' websites and Facebook pages.

"In an extraordinarily difficult situation, I was overwhelmed by the level of support and assistance that was offered by those who live and work at this community," said Jim Wingardner, Executive Director. "Our investment of time, energy, and resources played a key role in safeguarding property and lives." 

Unlike may others in Florida and other locations, community members and employees of Devonshire and Chatsworth feel fortunate to have fared so well during Hurricane Irma. Their focus now is on supporting fellow Floridians as they continue to recover from one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded.

PHOTO: Staff at Devonshire and Chatsworth standing next to a staff and resident-made Thank You Card. The card was presented to community leadership as a way to uniquely recognize the remarkable job of staff who worked around the clock to ensure the safety of community members and each other.

Devonshire at PGA National and Chatsworth (owned and operated by Erickson Living) are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Additional information about both South Florida retirement communities can be found at: