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Deciding where to live an important aspect of retirement living

July 16, 2012

The financial aspect of retirement planning is one that gets a lot of attention, but it is certainly not the only thing to consider. Just as important as figuring out how to meet the retirement cost of living is to determine where to live after leaving the workforce. Of course, retirement communities offer great options but there are many things to consider when deciding on which is best.

Perhaps most importantly, retirees should make sure to look into a retirement community's background before moving there. This includes a number of different topics such as whether it is accredited and if it meets certain standards - from service to the amenities around the community.

Another thing seniors should keep in mind is whether their prospective community offers assisted living options. Many older adults require medical care and assisted living provides them with a variety of services, whether it be home healthcare or memory care.

Medical care is not the only important aspect of independent living. Staying socially and physically engaged is crucial as well, so seniors should make sure to ask about what recreational activities are available on site.