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Dancing a popular, healthy exercise option for seniors

September 26, 2012

Exercise is widely recognized as a part of healthy aging, and older adults are taking an alternative route to staying active. Seniors have been increasingly likely to take dance classes, and experts say doing so offers a number of significant benefits, according to AARP.

There are many advocates of having seniors use dancing as exercise who say the activity is an excellent way for older adults to improve balance, stability and flexibility because it often incorporates numerous different muscle groups. Furthermore, because it has a component of fun attached to it, many older adults may be more likely to participate in classes than they would to go swimming or head to the gym.

"Dance is a joyful, fun and effective way for seniors to stay active and healthy," fitness expert Pamela Peeke told AARP.

There are plenty of studies to back up Peeke's sentiment. Some of the most compelling evidence came from an extensive analysis of already-existing research which found that dancing improved everything from seniors' muscle endurance to their dynamic balance, both of which can significantly lower one's fall risk. Additionally, further studies have suggested the activity could yield cognitive benefits as well.