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Colorado centenarian continues to cross items off bucket list

November 5, 2013

Many seniors make travel a priority during retirement, but few have taken it to quite the same level that Elsa Bailey has. At the age of 100, she is not only a model of active senior living, but her travels would be impressive for someone one-third her age. Her most recent excursion brought her to Churchill, Manitoba, where she crossed off one of the remaining items on her bucket list - seeing a polar bear in the wild, The Huffington Post reported.

Bailey was able to realize one of her lifelong dreams thanks to an organization known as Natural Habitat Adventures, which made an effort to get the Colorado resident up to Canada after seeing the way she celebrated her 100th birthday in May. Back then, she marked the occasion by skiing down Colorado's Arapaho Basin. The feat so impressed Becky Pahl, who works for NHA, that Bailey was given a surprise trip north. NHA Adventure Specialist Andrea Reynolds was taken aback by how active Bailey is.

"They thought it was phenomenal that someone her age would not only dream about it, but actually go," she told the news source.

Although Bailey's experience may be unique, she is certainly not alone when it comes to enjoying an active lifestyle during one's senior years. A recent study from UnitedHealthcare​ revealed how centenarians have managed to stay healthy. The annual 100@100 survey showed that 98 percent of respondents said that keeping their minds active was largely responsible for their impressive longevity. Additionally, more than half of those polled said they regularly go for walks or hikes, with more than one-third participating in strength building activities with some regularity.