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Winter Putterland Raises $7,545 for Charlestown's Benevolent Care

March 7, 2016

CATONSVILLE MD (March 7, 2016) – Nearly 300 Charlestown retirement community residents, staff and their families competed the last week of February in Winter Putterland indoor miniature golf events that raised $7,545 for the community's Benevolent Care Fund.


They played on a full 18-hole course designed built by members of Charlestown's woodshop. The entire course was outlined with 100 two-by-fours. Volunteers sawed, sanded, hammered, and painted obstacles for the course.


Many of the obstacles in the miniature golf course were designed to divert the golf ball through the use of ramps, pipes, etc. On one of the holes, golfers shot the ball through the legs of a clown. There was also a barn, a rocket ship, and a Baltimore Ravens football player.


One of the obstacles looked like a replica of Charlestown's entrance sign on Maiden Choice Lane.  Charlestown resident Roger Mackubin built a wooden scale replica of historic Our Lady of the Angels Chapel located on Charlestown's campus.


Each obstacle ranged in complexity and time from about 12 hours to 70 hours to complete over several months. The woodshop donated about 350 hours to the project, said Charlestown resident Pat Kasuda, whose vision was responsible for Winter Putterland.  Charlestown's 300-plus resident-run clubs were also invited to participate in the creative process, she said.


On one hole there was a treasure chest to represent the popular treasure sales that are held on campus. Another hole depicted Charlestown's nature trail and features a tree limb across the pathway with gnomes. Yet another hole had a picket fence with flowers to symbolize the Garden Club.


Oak Crest residents won a tournament between themselves and residents from Riderwood and Charlestown retirement communities. In addition, the Catonsville Rotary Club held a fundraiser during Winter Putterland.