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Person-Centered Memory Care Comes to Charlestown

January 14, 2015

CATONSVILLE, MD (Tuesday, January 14, 2015) – Charlestown retirement community this week  opened 35 newly-renovated private rooms for residents with specialized memory care needs.  These residents will receive a person-centered approach, which integrates health and wellness by blending mission, vision, and values.

A resident's daily life experience is influenced by how well staff can serve in helping each resident reach his or her highest potential.  The person-centered approach is a dynamic way of seeing, caring for and serving residents.

The person-centered approach is about putting the resident first, looking at each person from a holistic perspective, and recognizing them as an individual. There is no labeling or stereotyping.  Its focus is on the following:

-- Emphasis is on individualized service.

-- Spontaneous programs occur around the clock supported by all staff.

-- Staff has a personal relationship and knows the residents through knowledge gained from the holistic care plan.

-- Residents contribute to the daily life of the continuing care neighborhood.

-- Helping the person make as many choices in their life as they can.

-- Making the person the center of all care guided by their choices.

"Memory care is necessary for the residents of Charlestown who require specialized services that go beyond those in a traditional care model," said Matt Rosewag, Director of Continuing Care. "The focus is one of a holistic nature and allows residents to remain on campus and receive the care they need."

Memory Care residents will be able to participate in various types of programs throughout the day such as Structured Programming, Guided Programming and Self-Directed Programming to enhance their quality of life, well- being and to give a sense of purpose to each individual.

Staff includes a Memory Care Manager, Care Associates who are cross- trained as Certified Medication Technicians, Programming Associates and Dining Associates.