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Our Lady of the Angels Chapel at Charlestown Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

October 24, 2013

CATONSVILLE, MD (October 24, 2013) -- The weekend Mass on November 2nd (3:45 p.m.)  and 3rd (11:15 a.m.) , as well as a 3 p.m. afternoon concert on the November 3rd, will celebrate  the 100th Anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of Our Lady of the Angels Chapel at Charlestown retirement community in Catonsville, MD.
Our Lady of the Angels Chapel is steeped in history and architectural splendor:
Construction of the Chapel, which was funded by two members of the Jenkins family, a prominent Baltimore family that made fortunes in banking and silversmithing, was slowed by the risk and difficulty of importing materials from the famed quarries in Carrara, Italy, during World War I.
Work on the Chapel's match marble interior was not completed until the early 1920s, but were outstanding. The walls of the nave and sanctuary have been considered second only to the Library of Congress for precision with which the marble interior is matched and finished.
The Chapel is a substantial edifice, measuring 55' x 140' with a height in the nave of 48' and at the dome of 68'. It is constructed of rusticated stone, buff brick, limestone and terra cotta.
Our Lady of the Angels Chapel is located within the 110-acre campus of Charlestown and is used by the community through the benevolence of the Sulpician Fathers, who still own and maintain the Chapel. Because its vaulted marble walls provide ideal acoustics for concerts, the Chapel serves as both a cultural and an ecumenical spiritual center for the 2,300 residents of Charlestown.
Many of the events in the Chapel are also open to the public.