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One Maryland One Book at Charlestown Creates Library Partnership, Global Philanthropy

November 8, 2013

CATONSVILLE, MD (November 7, 2013) -- Eighty-seven people (residents and staff combined) attended today's "King Peggy" One Maryland One Book discussion at Charlestown retirement community. The event was co-sponsored by Charlestown's Diversity and Inclusion Council and was held under auspices of the Maryland Humanities Council in partnership with Baltimore County Public Library, Catonsville Branch.
The event resulted in immediate future Charlestown partnership programs with Catonsville Library (  ). It also opened doors for philanthropic/volunteer ventures in support of King Peggy's village in Ghana (in partnership with Shiloh Baptist Church).
"King Peggy" chronicles the journey of an American secretary, Peggielene Bartels, who suddenly finds herself king to a town of 7,000 people on Ghana's central coast, half a world away. Peggy's first two years as king of Otuam unfold in a way that is stranger than fiction. In the end, a deeply traditional African town is uplifted by the ambitions of its decidedly modern female king, and Peggy is herself transformed, from an ordinary secretary to the heart and hope of her community.
One Maryland One Book is now in in 6th year. Readers participate in book-centered discussions and other associated programs at public libraries, high schools, colleges and universities, museums, bookstores, and community and senior centers.