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Never-Ending Pursuit of Knowledge is a Priority for Charlestown Residents

April 25, 2017

CATONSVILLE, MD (April 26, 2017) -- The never-ending pursuit of knowledge is a priority for Charlestown residents participating in Elderhostel's Lifelong Learning Institute (ELLIC) year-round program. They attend on-site classes and, in many instances, also teach them.


Scores of eclectic course offerings have wide appeal. The current catalog includes class titles such as:  


  • Fusion: Boundless Energy Forever

  • Folk Art

  • Early American Banjo  Traditions

  • Quest for the Lost Tribes of Israel

  • History of the Merchant Marine

  • Contemporary Issues ion the Criminal Justice Administration


Involvement in ELLIC comes naturally for Pat Bettridge, a former Mt. DeSales Academy English teacher, and her husband Bill, a former English professor at UMBC. Pat is a member of the Special Programs Committee while Bill is an instructor.


"We live in an area that has a wealth of information," said Pat, who recently recruited playwright Sam McCready and Irish actor Joan McCready to perform "A Time to Speak," the remarkable story of Prague dancer Helen Lewis' endurance during the Holocaust. This performance, which  was the only one given in the United States, attracted a capacity ELLIC audience.


Bill taught a class about the Black Plague, a topic which has always fascinated him. "I enjoy sharing ideas with my friends and neighbors here at Charlestown," he said.


ELLIC course catalogues are available in all Charlestown lobbies. The community's closed-circuit television station promotes classes and also features instructors as talk show guests.  A $15 membership fee helps to defray costs.


"It is an incredible learning experience," said Pat. "I have been exposed to worlds I knew nothing about."


More information about ELLIC at Charlestown can be obtained by contacting: .