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Neal Gantert is Named Charlestown's Leader of the Year for 2015

March 8, 2016

CATONSVILLE, MD (March 8, 2016) – Neal Gantert has been named Charlestown retirement community's Leader of the Year for 2015. He was honored last month during Erickson Living's Annual Meeting in Baltimore City for his ability to motivate and inspire colleagues to go above and beyond the call of duty, inspire a high level of commitment from others and lead them successfully through change.


As Finance Director at Charlestown, Gantert engages with all of Charlestown's leadership team to ensure that everyone understands and then effectively manages, their respective Business Plans. The leadership team respects him, not only for his business acumen, but because he effectively translates his skills in ways that are easily absorbed by developing managers. 


Gantert is always focused on ensuring that Charlestown's financial strength is sustainable, year-over-year, and is a key leader in the community's repositioning efforts, carefully planning for strategic spending over the next several years, always with an eye on optimizing the resident experience at all levels of care and critical touch points.


"It is Neal's intentional and sincere engagement in community life that may well be his most laudable gift," said Executive Director Clara Parker.   "He engages with, and is present at, many departmental initiatives and supports other Charlestown teams in ways well beyond the scope of financial management. He leads and engages by example on a daily basis."


Gantert lives in Baltimore City. He has been with Charlestown for four years and with Erickson living for 16 years.