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Mid-Atlantic Athletes Compete in Olympic-Style Triathlon at Charlestown

August 10, 2017

CATONSVILLE, MD (August 10, 2017) -- Athletes from Erickson Living's Charlestown (Catonsville, MD), Oak Crest (Parkville, MD) and Ashby Ponds (Ashburn, VA) competed August 9 in an Olympic-style Triathlon held at Charlestown's Aquatics and Fitness Center.


Seventeen teams of three residents participated in this event, which featured swimming, nu-step and stationery bicycle competition.


Below are winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals (with winning times noted):




Team Gold (M. Anderson, S. Nixon, B. Garner) 9:40

Team Silver (C. Jones, R. Jones, B. Ricketts) 9:46

Team Bronze (C. Thompson, S. Funk, R. Dempsey) 9:50




Gold (C. Thompson) 4:44

Silver (A. Anderson) 5:03

Bronze (M. Anderson) 5:04




Gold (S. Nixon) 3:14

Silver (R. Seemans) 3:24

Bronze (D. Smith) 3:28




Gold (B. Ricketts) :59

Silver (M. Keyser and R. Dempsey) 1:04

Bronze (J. Day) 1:06