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"Hidden" Catonsville, MD, History is Discovered by Charlestown Residents

September 6, 2016

CATONSVILLE, MD (September 2, 2016) -- Charlestown retirement community residents Bert Clegern and John Strumsky today stumbled upon a hidden part of Catonsville history when they surveyed an old stone bridge not previously known to exist.


The bridge is above east branch of Herberts Run that led from Wilkens Avenue to Beverly Mansion on the former George S. Watts Estate, which is now part of Charlestown's 110-acre campus at 715 Maiden Choice Lane.


Clegern, a naturalist, used a map, circa early 1900s, to discover the bridge nestled among woods adjacent to the community's Nature Trail and Lake Charles.


Strumsky, a historian, is now researching the story of Beverly Mansion for a closed circuit television show that will air on Charlestown's Channel 972.