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First Graduating Class of “Charlestown Speaks!” Finds a Voice

May 17, 2017

CATONSVILLE, MD (May 16, 2017) -- The first class of eight Charlestown retirement community leaders today completed a new year-long training and public speaking program called "Charlestown Speaks!" 


The program included monthly meetings where participants practiced public speaking skills in a variety of formats such as extemporaneous speeches, formal speeches and panel discussions.


Human Resources Manager Yvonne Rice and Community Financial Analyst Heather Reck designed and facilitated the meetings.


Attendees were videotaped to critique their progress. They received feedback from their managers, directors and residents.


The class will formally "graduate" during the June 15 monthly meeting of all leaders throughout the community.


The grauates are Alex Kareem, Najah YaSin, Bailey Meyers, Creighton Spencer, Susan Gibbons, Lisa Vaughan, and Cathy McElwee.