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Easter Season is a Fun-Filled Family Affair at Charlestown

March 21, 2016

CATONSVILLE, MD (March 19, 2016) -- About 100 children of all ages today celebrated the Easter season at Charlestown retirement community by dyeing Easter eggs and playing a variety of games.

One of the more popular games was a canopy-style jumping contest -- accompanied by sing-along holiday-themed folk music -- that seemed to mesmerize the community's meeting hall.

The day was a fun-filled family affair as residents and their children, their grandchildren, and even their great great grandchildren participated with employees and their families in the festivities, which included an Easter Egg Hunt.

Everyone enjoyed meeting the Easter Bunny, who visited with two of her helpers.

Resident Regina Noell Service met the the Easter Bunny, joined by her daughter Ann Burgess,  and by her great great grandchildren Amelia and Ty Krach, as well as by fellow resident Betty Miller. Service and her daughter once attended Clown School together.

Director of Nursing Caroline Wagara and her daughter Makayla also met the Easter Bunny (aka Program Assistant Judith Jones).

Easter decorations are now abundantly displayed in and around Charlestown's 110-acre campus.