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Drumming Class at Charlestown Combines Music, Fitness and Fun

April 25, 2019

Residents enjoy unique new workout

It's a gray, rainy Friday morning, but you would never know it inside the Flex Fitness Center at Charlestown, a continuing care retirement community developed and managed by Erickson Living.

In this room, residents are gathered in a large circle, each one seated with a large lime green exercise ball in front of them and holding a pair of drumsticks. The music is turned up as Fitness Manager Teresa Reymann-Curran leads the group in drumming on the ball to the beat of high-energy songs like "Groove is in the Heat" and "Whip It". Fifteen minutes of vigorous drumming activity is followed by work with light weights and a stretchy fitness band.

The class is a fun new addition to Charlestown's robust fitness program, part of the vibrant, active lifestyle the community offers. With on-campus amenities such as the modern fitness center, all-season indoor swimming pool, experienced personal trainers and a plethora of classes, clubs and activities, Charlestown offers health and wellness options to suit nearly every interest.

Mind & Body Benefits

"Research has shown that drumming circles can decrease anxiety and depression, improve joint mobility and posture, improve language ability, increase energy, improve immunity, make new social connections, relieve stress and simply help people enjoy being in the moment," said Reymann-Curran.

She offers both the chair-based drumming class, as well as a more advanced standing class with aerobics.

The chair-based class begins with 15 minutes of drumming followed by 15 minutes of weights and stretching. Most movements are performed while seated, making it easy for residents with limited mobility to join in the fun and get a great workout.

In the advanced classes, residents and employees perform aerobic combinations while drumming.

"This gives them the challenge of training their aerobic level while enhancing their fitness, social engagement, cognitive health and of course, having fun!" said Reymann-Curran.

"Makes You Feel Good"

Charlestown's Flex Fitness Center is located in the recently renovated Cross Creek area of the community's 110-acre campus. It offers alternative space for residents to exercise in addition to the main Fitness Center in Charlestown Square.

Instead of getting in their car to drive to a gym, Charlestown residents only have to walk a few steps from their apartment home to either location. Climate-controlled walkways connecting Charlestown's buildings mean residents can always get their favorite workout in, no matter the weather outside. In addition to the convenience, residents love the fun of Charlestown's Fitness program, especially drumming class.

As resident Jeanne Vogt said, "Where else do you get to bang on something and have someone tell you you're doing great?"

Diane Lyons, another Charlestown resident who has been enjoying the class, appreciates the expert instruction. "Teresa is terrific. She is a wonderful leader, and always keep it varied and just challenging enough," she said.

"It's fun with a capital F!" said Lois Mark, a Charlestown resident who has been taking the class. "I like the music; it makes you feel good. Everyone leaves smiling."

In addition to drumming, all three ladies enjoy other classes offered by Charlestown's expert Fitness team, including cardio, water aerobics, yoga and more. To learn more about health and wellness at Charlestown, visit the community's website at

About Charlestown: Charlestown, one of 20 continuing care retirement communities developed and managed by Erickson Living®, is situated on a scenic 110-acre campus in Catonsville, Maryland. The community is located in Baltimore County and is home to more than 2,000 residents who are supported by a team of more than 1,200 employees. Additional information about Charlestown can be found at

Photo Caption: At Charlestown, where the health and wellness of community residents is the top priority, Fitness Manager Teresa Reymann-Curran leads a drumming fitness class in the new Flex Fitness Center. The unique combination of drumming, strength training and stretching provides residents with physical, mental and social health benefits.