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Charlestown's Travis Shaw Publishes Second Poetry Book

April 26, 2017

CATONSVILLE, MD -- Charlestown retirement community Dining Services Supervisor Travis Shaw's second poetry book, "Triumph Over Pain," will be published in May by Unlock Publishing House of Capital Hill, MD.

The 260 YouTube videos of his poetry readings have 15,550 views to-date. He shares his following poem during April National Poetry Month:

"Erickson Way"Respect is caring that's what they say but what happens when you're having a bad day and you don't feel like being the Erickson Way,As you walk down the hall ways and you see the residents passing your way something in you start to change and the residents always seem to brighten up your day.Integrity wasn't meant for people to see, it was meant for you to show and demonstrate the Erickson Way without no one looking your way.I see friendliness and enthusiasm shown by the residents each day, when the days are long the residents give you strength and comfort that you can make it through the day and continue to show the Erickson Way.Diversity is something I witness every day and I'm proud to see older and younger people and people with different religion, lifestyles and ethnic groups working together to achieve the Erickson Way.With that being said teamwork is an essential part of our day whenever you need a helping hand just look to your right or left and somebody will show the Erickson Way.We take pride and demonstrate responsibility by hold ourselves accountability for everything that happens on that day and that's the Erickson Way.Patience is the key and leading each other in the right direction is excellence and our character trait most importantly it is the Erickson Way.