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Charlestown's November 7 One Maryland One Book to Celebrate Cultural Diversity and Family

October 22, 2013

Participation by more than 200 Charlestown retirement community residents and staff in a  Thursday, November 7, interactive discussion of "King Peggy: An American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny, and the Inspiring Story of How She Changed an African Village" by Peggielene Bartels and Eleanor Herman.
This discussion will be held from 10 a.m. - noon in Charlestown's Auditorium, 719 Maiden Choice Lane, Catonsville, MD.  It is said to be the largest intergenerational book discussion of its kind ever held.
The discussion is being conducted under the auspices of the Maryland Humanities Council as part of One Maryland One Book, a project designed to bring together diverse people in communities across the state through the shared experience of reading the same book.  It is in partnership with Baltimore County Public Library's Catonsville Branch and Charlestown's Diversity and Inclusion Council.
Cheryl Thurber of the Catonsville Library will facilitate the book discussion.
Charlestown resident Bob Mitzel, who in 1973 did missionary work with Church World Service in Ghana to build an agricultural shed, will share his story and present artifacts from his venture.
Charlestown Human Resources Coordinator Esi Yarney, who is related to King Peggy, will share her family's unique story. Her parents will join her.
Uvonne Andoh, a UMBC intern at Charlestown who was born in Ghana, will share her insight via video.
About "King Peggy":
"King Peggy" chronicles the journey of an American secretary, Peggielene Bartels, who suddenly finds herself king to a town of 7,000 people on Ghana's central coast, half a world away. Peggy's first two years as king of Otuam unfold in a way that is stranger than fiction. In the end, a deeply traditional African town is uplifted by the ambitions of its decidedly modern female king, and Peggy is herself transformed, from an ordinary secretary to the heart and hope of her community.
About One Maryland One Book:
One Maryland One Book is now in in 6th year. Readers participate in book-centered discussions and other associated programs at public libraries, high schools, colleges and universities, museums, bookstores, and community and senior centers.