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Charlestown's John Fahey (USN Commander, Retired) Worked with Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy on Foreign Policy Matters

March 23, 2016

CATONSVILLE, MD (March 23, 2016) – This year's Presidential election has special interest to Charlestown retirement community resident and 93-year-old 'birthday boy' John Fahey (U.S. Navy Commander, retired), who assisted President Dwight David Eisenhower during the 1959 visit of Soviet Union Premier Nikita Krushchev to the United States and who was commended by President John Kennedy for uncovering valuable information about West Berlin access not known by the President


Fahey will celebrate his birthday April 23 with his wife Barbara and his many friends at Charlestown, sharing stories of his past work with U.S. Presidents and his invaluable behind-the-scenes insight into their personalities.


Fahey crossed paths with George Walker Bush before Bush, when he was a Navy aviation cadet, was ordered to Georgia Preflight School and Fahey was sent to North Carolina Preflight School.  In the Navy's school at Chapel Hill Fahey met a coach, Lieutenant Gerald Ford, who years later as President placed Russian linguist Fahey in the White House talent bank. 


Fahey assisted President Eisenhower in September 1959 during the visit of Soviet Union Premier Nikita Khrushchev, providing senior Russian language students at his school to Camp David for communications with Moscow.  Fahey aided one of his professors and a former language school graduate in preparation of a script into Russian for Khrushchev's viewing, along with President Eisenhower,  of a film of the USS Nautilus' voyage under the ice at the North Pole.


As Director of the Navy Language School Fahey first met John and Robert Kennedy.  In later years Fahey was commended for his careful research on uncovering valuable information about West Berlin access not known by President Kennedy which was helpful in supporting policy goals. 


Before Senator Robert Kennedy's assassination, Fahey served as the Senator's campaign coordinator in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Fahey's military career offered many unique and exciting moments: adventures as a combat airship commander during World War II vs. German U-boats, as an American liaison officer assigned to the Soviet Union army behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany, and as an active participant in the Berlin Wall and Cuban Missile Crisis. 


Fahey certainly negates the Russian proverb, Starost ne radost!  (Translation: Old age is not happiness!)


Fahey has hosted more than 150 "Unforgettable Moments programs for the Charlestown's closed circuit television station and he has taught 13 Elderhostel Lifelong  Learning Educational Institute courses at Charlestown.