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Charlestown Residents Award $141,000 in Scholarships to 40 Student Workers

June 18, 2014

CATONSVILLE, MD  (June 19, 2014) -- Through the generous donations by Charlestown retirement community residents, a total of $141,000 in scholarships this week was awarded to 40 student employees.  
The money was raised by Charlestown residents during the past two months to show their appreciation of the students' work and to help assist them financially in their post-secondary education.
The student scholarship recipients are:
Crystal Agna (Western Tech)
Robert Boswell (Catonsville High)
Cole Creman (Catonsville High)
Breanna Jolley (Western Tech)
Kayla Jones (Western Tech)
Jeseela Kakkidi (Lansdowne High)
Kendra Lyle (Arlington Baptist)
Shayla Maybin (Western Tech)
Dillon Mayer (Catonsville High)
Kiera Randolph (Western Tech)
Da'Shawn Roundtree (Carver Vocational Tech)
Madison Rowland-Davis (Western Tech)
Marian Carter (Milford Mill Academy)
Marsha Carter ( Catonsville High)
Norman Gabriel (Western Tech)
Tony Hawks (Cristo Rey)
Lauryn Hightower (Western Tech)
Bibha Joshi (Western Tech)
Taddy Myers (Vivian Thomas Medical Academy)
Christina Ryan (Catonsville High)
Lydia Eze-Sankara (Catonsville High)
Joseph Ferguson (Digital Harbor High)
Morgan Finney (Edmondson Westside)
Justus Grier (Jemery Upper School)
Deja Hamilton (Western Tech)
Nikia Howard (Lansdowne High)
Ashna Joy (Catonsville High)
Jazmine Kirkpatrick-Brooks (Lansdowne High)
Deaven Miller (Catonsville High)
Hinesh Padhiar (Catonsville High)
Kristin Ringley (Centennial High)
Bosung Titanji (Seton Keough)
Jeremy Tunstall (Western Tech)
Kayla Adams (Western Tech)
Shakel Callis (Carver Vocational Tech)
David Currie (Western Tech)
Keyonna Kinsler (Western Tech)
Philip Stranathan (Grace Bible)
Ashley Wright (National Academy)
These students work for at least two years during which time they are trained, mentored, and cared for by Charlestown residents who become surrogate grandparents to them.
Not only do students receive scholarships at the end of their tenure at Charlestown, but residents build relationships with them, ask them about school, and encourage them to keep working hard.
Residents are good role models for the young adults and serve as examples for what a good education can do for one's life.