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Charlestown Residents and Staff Make Olympic Memories

August 15, 2016

CATONSVILLE, MD (August 15, 2016) – Nearly Charlestown retirement community residents and staff August 5 participated in the Memory Support team's first Memory Support Olympic Triathlon held to improve individual strength, cardiovascular capacity, cognitive functioning and flexibility. This event celebrated the start of the Rio Summer Olympics Games.


A total of 24 teams (each comprised of two residents and one staff member) completed 2 laps in the pool, ½ mile on the NuStep and ½ mile on the Cycle Bike.  Each person on each team also performed a cognitive task at the same time they are exercising.


The carrying of an Olympics Torch kicked-off the games. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to the following winners (with their times noted) at the conclusion of the triathlon:


Team Winners:


Gold:  Lisa Vaughn (NuStep), Sarah Nixon (Bike), Howie Nixon (Swim). Team Time: 10:32

Silver: Sarah Southworth (NuStep), Joan Valentine (Bike), Barbara Garner (Swim).  Team Time:  10:36

Bronze:  Carolyn Thompson (NuStep), Don Baker (Bike), Wendel Thompson (Swim).  Team Time:  10:59


Individual Winners:


Swim:  Bob Ricketts (51:50)

NuStep:  Sylvia Moore (4:21)

Bike:  John Arledge (3:11)