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Charlestown 'Leap Year Baby' Philip Schubert Celebrates

February 18, 2016

CATONSVILLE, MD (February 17, 2016) – Charlestown retirement community resident Philip Schubert was born in 1928 – one day before the Alpha Movie Theater in Catonsville opened on March 1st.  He looks forward to celebrating his birthday this year on the same date -- 22 years later.


Schubert is a Leap Year Baby. His birthdays have been far and few, but he never missed one of them, even if they never fell on a calendar day.


"I always celebrated my birthday on March 1st," said Schubert, "because I didn't want to be a year older too fast."


Schubert, a former Captain and Chief of the Baltimore County Fire Department,  grew up on Fairfield Drive near what today is the Catonsville Public Library.


He graduated from Catonsville High School and attended Catonsville Methodist Church, where his mother was an organist. He also earned medals as a member of the Catonsville Presbyterian Church's Rifle Club.


Age, it seems,  is just a number – albeit a quirky number that only comes around every four years -- to him.


"It feels pretty good to be just  22 years old," said Schubert, a past Grand Marshall of the Catonsville July 4th Parade. "


His wife Bobbie said being married to a much younger man is unique. "He keeps me stepping," she said.


Schubert and his wife will celebrate his '22nd' birthday on February 29 with their son, Jeffrey and his wife Lisa, and their two sons.