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Charlestown Collection Donates More Than 15,000 Books

March 21, 2013

CATONSVILLE, MD (March 21, 2013) -- Charlestown retirement community residents, staff and future residents this week donated more than 15,000 books to Books for International Goodwill. The project, which was held under the auspices of the Charlestown Rotary Fellowship, also resulted in $205 in monetary donations.
A 16-foot U-Haul truck filled with thousands of pounds of books left the Charlestown campus in Catonsville. All genres of books -- including biography, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction -- were donated.
A committee of 15 Charlestown volunteers coordinated the collection, promoting it internally in advance via social media, closed circuit television, newsletters, and posters.
"If you wonder what this can do to assist in changing lives around the world read the book 'The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.'" said Pat Kasuda, chair of the collection committee. "This young man received a physics book from Books for International Goodwill. He used this educational material to construct a windmill from bicycle parts. This windmill produced sufficient electricity to give light to two rooms in his South African home."
The  book collection, according to Kasuda, proves Charlestown residents and staff share their gifts to not only create a community to celebrate life in Catonsville, but also around the world.
The Charlestown Rotary Fellowship plans to hold another book collection in September.