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Charlestown Celebrates 1,623 Years of Life

October 13, 2016

CATONSVILLE, MD -- Sixteen resident centenarians – with a combined 1,623 years of life – were honored Thursday, October 13, at Charlestown retirement community.

Their birthdays were celebrated during a noontime birthday luncheon in the Renaissance Gardens meeting hall. They shared stories about their incredible lives.

The Charlestown residents (with their ages noted) who were honored follow:

Mary Carney 101Edna Palmer 100Ethel Gaham 100Naomi Starr 100Genevieve Longley 100Helen Smith 106Virginia Hammons 101Hedwidge Sosnowski 100Harriet Scholl (Will be 100 on October 17, 2016)Agnes Reisenweber (Will be 110 on October 29, 2016)Catherine Bayly 103Marion Irons (Will be 100 on December 2, 2016)Teresa Bosco (Will be 102 on November 11, 2016)Jeanne Young (Will be 100 on November 14, 2016)Althea Carrick 100Jane Dewaal 100