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Charlestown Bride Waited 87 Years to Get Married

December 22, 2015

CATONSVILLE, MD (December 19, 2015) Charlestown residents Dorothy and Patrick Mullin are Christmas newlyweds. Dorothy, 87, had never before been married, making their love story all the more romantic.

They met three months ago in a dinner group at the retirement community. "He is a gentleman 100%," said Dorothy, a former bank loan accounting officer, "and he cares about other people. He also loves animals and children."

Patrick, 83, a former telecommunications company supervisor, was smitten immediately. "I saw Dorothy and said to myself, 'What a beautiful woman.'"

They began to have dinner together every evening, getting to know one other more and more with each glance, gentle smile and shared conversation.

"The servers at the Fireside restaurant knew were making goo-goo eyes at each other," said Patrick. "So did all of our friends.

"We were probably the only people who didn't know what was going on," said Dorothy, laughing.

Their first date was a shopping trip to the Catonsville Wal-Mart. Patrick soon asked Dorothy to marry him and gave her a diamond ring in a Tiffany setting that had been passed down through two generations in his family.

They were married December 5 at Bishop Cummins Reformed Episcopal Church (she wore a cranberry-colored dress, he wore a light blue suit) and they renewed their vows December 12 at Our Lady of the Angels Chapel.

They are now living in the St. Charles neighborhood of Charlestown, along with their two cats, Samson and Delilah.

Dorothy said, "I am on Cloud 9."

The sparkle in Patrick's eyes says things only the heart knows.