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Baltimore County Executive Kamenetz Visits Charlestown with a Plan

July 27, 2015

CATONSVILLE, MD (July 23, 2015) -- Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz today visited Charlestown retirement community to report on the "Regional Plan for Sustainable Development" by the Baltimore Metropolitan Council, which Kamenetz chairs.

Nearly 100 residents heard Kamenetz talk about the first-ever plan that brings together housing, workforce development and transportation for the region to reduce disparities and connect all citizens to a prosperous future.The Charlestown Residents' Council and Legislative Committee sponsored his presentation.

Kamenetz said the outcomes of the plan will lower transportation costs for families, create cleaner and safer communities and increase educational and employment opportunities throughout the region.The plan is the culmination of three years of research, analysis and deliberation. The plan's recommendations and strategies are intended to address the challenges created by regional disparities.

Kamenetz said he is requesting that the Baltimore Metropolitan Council staff study, analyze and make recommendations on how to effectively manage the region's transportation challenges.

In light of the recent and significant changes in State transportation policy, and a multi-billion dollar re-direction of transportation funding from the Baltimore Red Line project to the State's more rural counties, Kamenetz is directing the Baltimore Metropolitan Council to analyze ways to implement a strategy to improve mass transit throughout the Baltimore region.

He is requesting that the study be completed within the next ninety days.