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Celebrate actress Elaine Stritch's life with a movie night

July 18, 2014

It's a sad time for theater fans. Actress Elaine Stritch passed away recently from natural causes at the age of 89, according to Fox News. Best known for her leading Broadway performances like "Bus Stop," "No No Nanette" and "The King and I," the actress had a fruitful acting career for the past seven decades, which is more than most performers can say about their achievements.

While most of her performances were live on Broadway, she also had some leading TV roles as early as the 1950s, reported People magazine. Though Joyce Randolph was the better-known Trixie Norton in the show "Honeymooners," Stritch was the original actress in the pilot episode. More recently, she played the role of Colleen Donaghy, the mother of Alec Baldwin's character, on the highly acclaimed "30 Rock," and even won an Emmy for her performance in 2007. She also appeared in "Law & Order" in 1993 and won another award for that.

Aside from Broadway and TV, she also appeared in several movies during her career. Gather your friends at your assisted living community and watch some of these films to celebrate the life of the talented actress.

"A Farewell to Arms"
Stritch played Helen Ferguson in this film, which Internet Movie Database explained to be the romantic profile of a World War I love affair between an English nurse and an American soldier. While Stritch didn't earn any awards or nominations for her role specifically, the movie itself received one nomination to Vittorio De Sica for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, and two wins – one to Rock Hudson for Best Actor - International, and the other for Top Ten Films, according to IMDb.

Stritch starred in this film as Diane, who IMDb described as "a playgirl-relic of the 1950s," alongside on-screen husband Lloyd, played by Jack Warden. According to a review in The New York Times, the 1987 production was "one of Woody Allen's riskiest films." It's a classic story of a complicated web of unrequited love, which also stars Denholm Elliott, Mia Farrow and others.

"Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me"
Just this year, the actress debuted her documentary in New York City, according to Fox News. The Wrap reviewed the film and considered Stritch, who they referred to as the "Showbiz Spitfire," to have nailed it and provided an entertaining view of her life.