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Cedar Crest's Commitment Towards Protecting the Environment Continues With New Waste Management Program

April 20, 2012

Food2Water Disposal System Will Drastically Reduce Food Waste at Active Adult Community and Lighten Load at Landfills

POMPTON PLAINS, NJ - In its ongoing effort to contribute to the improvement of the environment, the Cedar Crest community is unveiling the latest in its environmentally-conscious initiatives that will reduce waste in landfills in a unique way, which will ultimately help decrease the space needed for garbage on the planet.
The Franklin Lakes based company Food2Water is partnering with Cedar Crest in this initiative with a pilot program in one of Cedar Crest's restaurants.  The concept involves taking food waste - meat, vegetables, fish, dairy - and converting the spent food into a liquid form that is disposed down a drain.
This biodegradable liquefying decomposing system is housed in a large container (about half the size of a standard refrigerator) which breaks down the food using microorganisms, warm water and ingenuity.  It takes up to 15 minutes for the food to be dissolved into liquid.
In 2008, Americans discarded 30,900 tons food scraps, comprising 18.6% of all materials going to landfills or incinerators, according to the Clean Air Council. And on the way to the landfill, all those trucks filled with food waste spewed toxic greenhouse gases into the environment.
Cedar Crest Executive Director Cathy Guttman said, "We are not only delighted to be involved with this technologically advanced project, but absolutely astounded by its effectiveness.  Our community is doing all that it can to find innovative strategies to meet the urgent problem of pollution, energy consumption and waste.  Partnering with professionals such as Food2Water is a way to collectively make a difference where two organizations are coming together to seek approaches to conserve and protect the environment."
"Food2Water is proud of its relationship with Cedar Crest and Erickson Living - the premier senior living provider in New Jersey and the nation," said Frank Florio, Food2Water's chief executive officer.  "The installation of the Food2Water technology at Cedar Crest exemplifies their commitment to going green and is inspiring to other businesses as they realize this facility will virtually eliminate food waste from entering landfills, thereby reducing green house gases and reducing their disposal related pollution and costs."
Cedar Crest Director of Dining Services Cathie Reichman said, "The liquefying system will help us in the kitchen immensely.  At our community we have five restaurants and are responsible for providing meals to 2,000 residents each day.  By having an innovative solution such as this we can realize a savings in terms of time, space and most importantly, we are helping the environment by cutting down on landfill trash."
The Food2Water pilot program, which began this March, is the latest effort in a string of projects that Erickson Living's Cedar Crest retirement community is undertaking.  In 2009, the community was widely recognized for developing a system whereby used cooking oil was converted into fuel which is used to run its shuttle buses.
Then, in 2010, Cedar Crest introduced its "Go Paperless" initiative which is utilized by many residents who choose to receive their announcements and other internal communication by email instead of paper in their mailboxes.
And finally, 2010 was also the year that a resident-driven grassroots effort began to educate residents about using recyclable bags as opposed to plastic ones that collect in landfills.
In recent years, the U.S. has been working towards "zero waste" goals, and New Jersey is a significant leader in this initiative.  The zero waste philosophy encourages the redesign of resource life cycles to minimize any trash sent to landfills and incinerators.
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