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Cambridge Science Festival provides education opportunity for seniors

April 10, 2014

Cambridge, which is just over the river from historic Boston, is home to some of the country's sharpest technological minds, with Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology housed within its borders. Cambridge offers a number of educational events for residents, the most recent of which will take place April 18-27.

The Cambridge Science Festival will feature more than 150 events relating to the technological world, including lectures from some of the industry's top tech experts, exhibits relating to fun scientific experiments and performances concerning environmental awareness.

Seniors living in Massachusetts retirement communities have the opportunity to drop by the festival to discover ways to broaden their minds and interact with new technologies. Additionally, since the event will host a wide range of events for people of all ages, it serves as a fun opportunity for seniors to invite their children or grandchildren to participate. 

A number of local organizations have signed on to sponsor the event, including MIT, Pfizer and Biogen Idec Foundation. The majority of happenings are free for all people, but a select few may require an entrance fee. On the festival's website, it details each event that will be highlighted over the course of the week, but residents can expect vendors, experts and companies to be all around throughout the duration of the event.

One of the festival's biggest draws will be the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo, which will take place from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. April 19. Seniors who are interested in viewing all the latest technological innovations should drop by the carnival to explore not only interactive science exhibits, but gaze at the famed Robot Zoo as well. The site emphasizes that many different robots will be at the zoo, ranging from those made of LEGOs to those that can play chess with attendees.