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People at Brooksby Village Working Out ...By Laughing!

September 20, 2011

Group Meeting with Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor

Peabody, MA - People who live at Brooksby Village have discovered a way to laugh through their exercise practicing laughter yoga.
"People think when you hear it that you're just going to go and tell jokes, but that's not it at all," says Janet (Jan) Stoffregen, who lives at Brooksby Village and organized the club there.  "After an hour you've really spent yourself, and it's all good breathing and you really feel great," she adds.
Stoffregen had participated in laughter yoga with her daughter in nearby Wakefield, Mass. After Stoffregen moved to Brooksby a year and a half ago, she realized the practice would be an excellent addition to the community.
Brooksby Village's monthly hour-long class is led by Robert Herrick, a certified instructor from Tewksbury, Mass., who teaches on a volunteer basis. Herrick instructs the class through exercises that encourage participants to move about the room, if they can, and laugh. Exercises have included clucking like a chicken and raising one's arms from the floor to ceiling in a crescendo of laughter.
"People are really enjoying themselves and getting a work out at the same time," said Mary Landry, Community Resources Coordinator, Brooksby Village.  "Word is spreading and more and more people are attending each week.  Plus it's a great way to meet new people."
"I'd say you laugh quite heartily and you're not laughing at each other, you're laughing with each other," Stoffregen says, adding, "I think it's therapeutic, healing, and laughter is excellent medicine."
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