One move, two perspectives

Mother is ‘content, comfortable, and calm’ at Brooksby Village

Sara Martin
May 23, 2019

Martie Rose was happy living in the house in Peabody, Mass., she'd shared with her husband Alan for 54 years.

"We'd raised our sons in that house, and we'd talked about making a few modifications so we could age in place and stay there," says Martie.

It was a big surprise when Alan mentioned the idea of moving to Brooksby Village, a continuing care community developed and managed by Erickson Living.

"I remember the exact moment," says Martie. "I was in the kitchen and he walked in and said, 'What do you think about moving to Brooksby?'"

Less than a mile from the Rose's house, Brooksby Village was already home to several of the couple's friends. Yet the idea of moving to Brooksby had never been at the forefront of their plans.

Still, after 62 years of marriage, Martie knew Alan was not one to make snap decisions.

"While it seemed like a surprise when he mentioned it, I'd learned over the years that he'd think about something for a long time before he voiced it out loud," says Martie. "By the time he said something, he'd already put a lot of time, energy, and effort into whatever he was thinking about."

See what happens

After joint consideration, the couple decided to explore their options.

"We told ourselves we'd just start out and see what happened," says Martie.

For those interested in a move to Brooksby Village, the sales team offers a series of Lunch and Learn events, hosted by the community's personal moving consultant, Laurie Phillips.

"We went to everything they offered," says Martie. "The luncheons were great for information gathering because we met people associated with all the different departments at Brooksby. We also met vendors who work closely with the sales team to help facilitate the move. You're not required to use their services, but they know what they're doing because they've helped so many people downsize and move."

As a personal moving consultant, Phillips maintains a network of trusted real estate agents, moving companies, and other downsizing and moving resources to help with every aspect of the move.

"One of my friends who already lived at Brooksby had a two-bedroom Oxford-style apartment," says Martie. "I just loved the floor plan. When the sales team called with the news that an Oxford was available, we talked it over as a family and decided to go for it."

In July 2018, Alan and Martie listed their Peabody home with Joyce Cucchiara, a real estate agent recommended by Phillips. The house sold within 24 hours, and the couple turned their attention to the move.

"We decided to go with Isaac's Moving and Storage because Laurie recommended them, and they've moved so many other people to Brooksby," says Martie. "We didn't want to turn our baby grand piano over to just anyone, and they did a fabulous job."

Unexpected news

Two days before the move, Alan received a cancer diagnosis. He passed away in September 2018, just weeks later. After the whirlwind, Martie took time to reflect.

"There was a calmness after the turmoil," she says. "This community embraced my family. We were new, but people welcomed us with open arms. We held Alan's service in the Brooksby chapel, and the outpouring of love and support was incredible."

Now, Martie says she feels the move to Brooksby couldn't have been more fortuitous.

"I call it the three Cs," she says. "I'm content, comfortable, and calm. I thought I'd have a harder time by myself, but I'm finding it better than expected to be living in the community. I'm safe, but there's more to it. I joined the Garden Club, and I'm looking forward to working out in the fitness center. I just feel good about being here."