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Brooksby Village Employee Health and Wellness Center Helps Employees Focus on their Health and Well-being

November 3, 2017

Peabody, MA – Feeling under the weather? Want to get in shape?  Think you have high blood pressure?  If you work at Brooksby Village, an Erickson Living retirement community in Peabody, MA, get the answers to all these questions and much more at the Brooksby Village Employee Health and Wellness Center (EHWC).

The EHWC offers resources, benefits, and programs to help employees get in shape and stay healthy—physically and emotionally. One of those benefits includes access to the on-site Center where employees can see a Nurse Practitioner during work hours and schedule routine medical appointments.  The Center plays a vital role in keeping Brooksby Village employees healthy by providing onsite acute care and preventive health checkups, as well as allowing employees to schedule appointments, receive referrals, and complete lab work without ever leaving campus. Also, employees can use the Center for other services, including free Health IQs, annual flu shots, medication renewals, smoking cessation and Weight Watchers programs.  

More than 4000 visits were made to Brooksby Village Employee Health and Wellness Center last year.

"I believe in quality care and I treat everyone here like they are my family," said Barbara Hathaway, Employee Health Nurse Practitioner and 2015 Manager of the Year at Brooksby Village. "Our job is to keep our employees healthy, happy and be available and that is exactly what we do here every day.  Regardless if an employee has insurance through Erickson Living or not, all employees can be seen at the Center which is staffed with a Nurse Practitioner and a Medical Assistant."

We are providing our employees with the tools to take charge of their well-being right on campus," said Erickson Living's Regional Director of Employee Health and Wellness Kathryn Victor. "The Center offers convenient, confidential, comprehensive, and no-cost/low-cost care by skilled health care professionals."

The Center is part of an Erickson Living network of 19 similar centers or programs nationwide. As a leader in health and wellness for senior adults, Brooksby Village and Erickson Living understand the relationship between a healthy lifestyle and a long life.  In 2016, Erickson Living received the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine's Corporate Health Achievement Award for its outstanding health, safety and environmental practices.

"Erickson Living is at the forefront of senior living employers that are recognizing that healthier workplaces mean increased job satisfaction, productivity and enhanced relationships with our residents and staff," said Victor.

Brooksby Village also offers staff access to its on-site fitness center and employee fitness classes, as well as Erickson Living's Wellness Fund that provides reimbursements for qualifying personal fitness expenses.

"I can't say enough great things about the lunchtime 30 minute workout classes," said Nancy Duffy, Resident Life Manager, Brooksby Village.  "I bring a change of clothes and am in and out of the class in less than an hour.  Whether we are focusing or our arms or our core,  I love that I can get my workout in at work.  It's another wonderful benefit to working at Brooksby Village."

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Brooksby Village is a vibrant Continuing Care Retirement Community developed and managed by Erickson Living. The scenic 90 acre campus is located in Peabody, MA and is home to more than 1700 residents.