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100+ residents come together to run Brooksby Village’s Television Studio

January 25, 2017

Peabody, MA -- They come from all different backgrounds; school secretaries, office workers, but now, more than 100 Brooksby Village residents all work together to produce more than 50 original shows at the retirement community's internal TV studio.   

"Our goal is to be the source of all information for people who live at Brooksby Village," said Chris DeThomas, Brooksby Village TV/AV Manager.   "This is possible thanks to the more than 100 residents who work with us every day to act as hosts for both live and pre-taped shows, man the cameras, work in the control room and film in the field.  This is a dedicated group of people who love bringing information to the more than 1700 people who live at Brooksby Village."

Brooksby Village's internal TV studio has a control room and a set.  The set was designed by the TV staff and  was then built by residents in the  Brooksby Village wood working shop.  Residents built the columns, wainscoting, mantles, the accent wall and more.     All the of the cameras are HD and the set has a green screen allowing for more creative programming.

"I have worked for two different Public Access Channels and neither aired 50 programs a month," said Patrick  Gordon, Brooksby Village TV Lead Coordinator.   "It's amazing to watch residents come to the studio, say they want to help and soon, after hands on training, watch them work the cameras or manage the panel in the control room." 

With so many events taking place at Brooksby Village, many residents are now out in the field filming events.

"We have 10 residents who are trained on portable equipment and will film events for shorter segments on our programs,"  said Jessica Peters, Brooksby Village TV Coordinator.  "The resident comes up with what they want to shoot, they then film it, edit it and produce the final segment.  It's amazing to watch the residents learn and grow here."

The three employees who work in the Brooksby Village internal TV studio have close to 50 years of TV experience between them.  DeThomas worked for a Public Access channel and then for 11 years worked in broadcast TV in Boston.  Gordon worked for 15 years in Public Access television in Malden and in Plymouth, and Peters was a producer and an on air host In Long Island New York for 8 years. 

Brooksby Village is a continuing care retirement community developed and managed by Erickson Living. The scenic 90 acre campus is located in Peabody, MA and is home to more than 1700 residents.