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Booking the perfect senior vacation

February 19, 2014

Planning a vacation can be incredibly exciting for seniors, but it can also prove to be stressful if they're not sure how to find the best deals and accommodations. Thankfully, there exists a number of online and in-person resources that can assist older adults as they choose when, where and how they would like to travel. Setting aside time for relaxation is essential for living a healthy lifestyle for seniors, and journeying to a new destination can be the best way for them to achieve this.

Consider investing in a travel agent
While travel agencies don't experience nearly the level of popularity they once did, they have seen an increase in the number of passengers booking with them throughout the past year, according to an Airlines Reporting Corporation press release. Hotel and airline booking websites have made travel planning much easier, but there are some advantages travel agents may still provide. USA Today compiled a list of reasons individuals should consider agents, including ease of mind, lower prices and industry knowledge. Seniors who may require additional assistance when planning, perhaps due to lack of time or understanding, could also benefit from the guidance of an agent.

Use mobile apps for planning
Smartphones have revolutionized the way people travel, from providing an avenue of emergency contact to being a beacon of travel-related digital tools. There are thousands of apps available for download specifically catered toward travel, including maps, restaurant reviews, hotel listings and local venues or monuments within a city. Not only can these apps help travelers develop their itineraries beforehand, but they can also assist individuals while they're traveling. PC World detailed the best apps on the market geared toward vacationers, including those that help users find the cheapest airfares, explore city guides and find food illustrative of the destination's culture. One featured app, City Guides, provides offline maps, or those that do not need an Internet connection in order to load, for tourists visiting unfamiliar locations.