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Best National Parks for senior travelers

August 3, 2012

National Parks are some of the most hidden treasures in the United States. There are hundreds of parks spread throughout the country, many of which are relatively unknown to the average citizen. However, people would be well to take advantage of these natural wonders, and that is especially true for older adults.

Senior travel is one of the most popular retirement activities, and national parks provide them with an excellent opportunity to visit some new locations. Perhaps most attractive, seniors can buy a $10 lifetime pass that offers access to all of the country's 397 National Parks. But what are the best parks for seniors? Luckily, there are many to choose from.

Acadia National Park in Maine is an excellent option for older adults, simply because it offers such a varied experience. There are many trails available for the more active seniors, but for those looking to enjoy the scenery, the park's situation on the Maine coast makes it ideal. Additionally, more than 330 species of wildlife call the park home, making it appealing to visitors of any age.

National Parks don't necessarily have to be surrounded by lush landscapes either, so seniors should consider traveling to the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park. What Acadia has in natural beauty, New Orleans has in historical significance. Aside from paying tribute to the roots of jazz, the park is home to Perseverance Hall No. 4, a Masonic temple which dates back to 1820.

The Grand Canyon National Park is arguably the most appealing spot in the United States, not just for seniors, but for people of all ages. Located in Arizona, the enormous park is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, and is something almost everyone has to cross off their bucket list.