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Award-winning TV shows to add to your viewing list

August 28, 2014

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards recently celebrated the top shows in television today. If you're looking for recommendations for a good TV series to watch with friends at your assisted living community, or if you're just seeking a relaxing indoor activity to combat the approaching cold weather, consider some of these shows that were highly acclaimed at the awards show.

'Modern Family'
An interesting  take on today's eclectic family culture, "Modern Family" is a sitcom that profiles a multigenerational family and received a variety of awards at this year's Emmys. The patriarch of the family and his two children lead lives outside the bounds of a traditional family, with multicultural marriage and adopted children. The show highlights how the term "family" is transforming to in the modern age with a comedic twist sure to have you laughing. Over the course of its six seasons, it has won countless awards, including ones for Outstanding Supporting Actor and Outstanding Directing from the most recent Emmy Awards, according to ABC News. 

'The Big Bang Theory'
Another award-winning show that's been around for years, "The Big Bang Theory" is in its eighth season and continues to bring home awards for its unique storyline and talented comedic performances. A young, attractive woman lives across the hall from a group of nerdy scientists who make up for their lack of social skills with their intelligence. Each of them has a strong personality that often clashes with the free-spirited nature of their female neighbor, though they still manage to all be friends. Jim Parsons, who plays eccentric scientist Sheldon Cooper on the show, took home an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor, reported ABC. The show includes a lot of scientific-centered comedy, making it a great comedy for intellects.

A newer show that's also highly acclaimed, "Veep" first aired on HBO in 2012 and was an immediate success, according to the Internet Movie Database. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, best known for her role as Elaine in the highly acclaimed sitcom "Seinfeld," stars on the show as the first female vice president. If you remember her performance as Elaine, you'll have a good idea of the comedy to expect in her role on Veep. In just three seasons, the show has been nominated 38 times and won 16 awards, including what it took home from the most recent Emmys, noted IMDb. Regardless of whether you follow politics, you'll likely enjoy this comedy.